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You want a drive through car wash that is quick, convenient, and offers a quality wash. So, if you’re wondering if there is a drive-through car wash close by, the answer is yes! The Bucks Mobile Car Wash on Wycombe Road in Marlow has a great automated car wash.

How Efficient Is Our Drive Through Car Wash?

You’ll prefer an automated tunnel car wash machine since it’s practical and fairly priced. How well-run is the vehicle wash, though? The answer is that the automatic car wash you get at Bucks Mobile Car Wash is pretty darn good! Here is why.

Touchless, Automatic Soft Foam Car Wash

We mix a touchless wash with a gentle foam wash in our drive through car wash. Your automobile will be foamed, washed, and dried in three minutes. Come in, spend a few bucks and a few minutes, and walk out with a freshly cleaned, spotless car. How is this possible?

The Advantages of Automatic Car Washes Over Home Car Washes

You can damage the paint of your automobile by up to 10% when you wash it in the driveway at your house using brushes and sponges. The paint may possibly be removed if you wash your automobile at home with great diligence. Your automobile is first covered in soft foam when you use an automated tunnel car wash equipment.

This high-pressure “pre-clean” gets rid of generated dirt and road pollutants. Neoprene cleaning material and non-acidic shampoos are both present in the solution sprayed over your automobile. Your car’s finish and the cleaning foam that is removing the dirt are separated by this solution and the appropriate quantity of water pressure.

The ultimate result is cleaning that is efficient and free of accumulated brush and sponge scratches. The automated vehicle wash industry’s preferred cleaning method is this one.

Our Automatic Car Wash Is Computerized

The greatest drive through car wash is ensured by the computerized application of premium cleaning agents. The touchless vehicle wash system performs best with computerized methods for applying high-quality cleansers, proper water pressure, hot and cold water temperatures, proper spray application angles, and proper timing for all automatic car wash processes. The end result is a car that has been thoroughly cleaned and is residue-free.

The cleaning compounds used to finish off your automobile’s journey through the automated tunnel car wash machine give it a brilliant shine as if you had recently waxed it.

The Best Automatic Car Wash Uses the Best Cleaning Products

We always utilize the best materials at Bucks Mobile Car Wash to offer you the greatest wash.

Following a car wash, Durashield Plus offers complete vehicle protection. In order to shield the paint finish from UV rays, acid rain, hard water stains, and even bird droppings, it adheres to the surface and lasts longer. We apply this premium product to give your car’s surface a smooth, shining finish.

Rhino Guard protects your wheels by employing Body Armor technology to adhere to them and stop brake dust accumulation. It keeps your hands clean and shining.

Another surface protector, Rain X for Wheels, coats the whole exterior of your car in a coating that repels water. Paint, glass, plastics, and trim are all protected. Apply Rain X on your car.

Turtle Wax has been in existence for a very long time and has endured. To give your automobile a shine that will stay for a very long time, we use this three-color foaming finish with a cherry-berry smell.

What Actually Does a Drive-Through Car Wash Also provide?

A car wash is a car wash at several car wash locations. At Bucks Mobile Car Wash, this is not the case. For a fantastic drive through car wash, our most basic Soft Foam. Drift car wash includes a pre-rinse, pre-soak, rim and tyre soak, soft foam brush, rinse Dura Shield application, spot free rinse, and drying. For an additional $10, the Drift Package includes a tri-foam polish, a rust inhibitor, an underside wash, and castor oil. However, we also provide those automatic vehicle wash services if you’d want something a bit more.

You may get a two-step presoak, rim and tyre soak, insect soak, high pressure wash, Dura Shield application, rinse and dry for only $8 with the Touchless, Turbo wash. An additional $12, the Turbo+ package includes the tri-foam polish, inhibitor, undercarriage wash, and carnauba wax.

Just $15, you may get an underside wash, double pre-rinse, presoak, rim and tyre soak, insect soak, soft foam brush, high pressure wash, rust inhibitor application, tri-foam polish, carnauba wax, rinse, and dry with the Combination Nitro wash. For an additional $20, the Nitro package also includes a pre-soak, Rain X, Rain X for Wheels, and the Fire Red Hot Lava shine.


The purpose of this talk is to explain how a drive through car wash may be quick, simple, cheap, and deliver a high-quality vehicle wash. You visit someone who takes care of your vehicle when you visit Bucks Mobile Car Wash. You have found the correct spot with Bucks Mobile Car Wash if you want the drive through car wash requires due to its harsh winters. We offer 14 bays, the same top-notch cleaning supplies. Plus a location where you may wash your own car if you want to do it by hand. We are now providing monthly car wash passes as well after receiving multiple requests from customers who frequently use our vehicle wash.

On the other side, we also provide automobile detailing if your car has beyond the point when a good wash makes it seem flawless. To keep your automobile appearing like new, we even add ceramic coating paint protection!

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